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Porzellan Rosenthal from yesterday
Form Suomi
Dekor Collage
Pearlchina Rosenthal from yesterday
Form Aida
Dekor Belgravia
Besteck Rosenthal from yesterday
Form Romanze
Kunst Rosenthal from yesterday
Fräulein Maske
von Otmar Alt

Welcome to the world’s finest porcelain china.

Porcelain which comes exclusively from an antique collection of the traditional Rosenthal House. It is well known that this renowned brand offers far more than table setting made from white gold. We want to preserve and complete the magic of your Rosenthal collection for you. From us you’ll find complete pieces from all areas: Porcelain, glass, cutlery, pearl china, art objects, ceramics and furnishings.

089 / 27 38 99 00

089 / 27 38 99 01

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Abgebildete Objekte auf dieser Seite sind Beispiele aus unserem umfangreichen Sortiment.
Shown objects are examples from our extensive assortment.



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Glas Rosenthal from yesterday
Form Zauberflöte
mit Schliff
Moebel Rosenthal from yesterday
Design Vico Magistretti
Kunstobjekt Rosenthal from yesterday
Nana von
Niki de Saint Phalle
Kunstobjekte Rosenthal from yesterday
von Theodor Kärner
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